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Blixt Wallet is a non-custodial open-source Bitcoin Lightning Wallet for Android and iOS with a focus on usability and user experience. It's currently aimed towards Bitcoiners who want to try out using Lightning Network.

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Built with lnd and Neutrino

Blixt Wallet uses the Lightning Network client lnd and the Bitcoin SPV client Neutrino under the hood, directly on the phone, respecting your privacy. The wallet does not use any centralized servers for doing transactions.

Simple and clean interface

The design philosophy behind Blixt Wallet is to provide a clean and straightforward interface and user experience for doing transactions.

Effort has been made to make sure that the transaction log is descriptive and clear.

Easy to get started

When you send on-chain funds to Blixt Wallet, it will automatically open channel(s) on your behalf, so that you can get started in no time.

With Dunder LSP, getting started is as easy as receiving a Lightning payment, this Lightning Service Provider will open a channel automatically for you.

Feature-rich and cutting-edge

Blixt Wallet keeps up with new developments in the Lightning community, supporting features such as Keysend, Lightning Address, LNURL and WebLN as well as keeping up to date with new features in the lnd project.

Open-source project

Blixt Wallet is built as an MIT-licensed open-source project.


The project leader and main developer behind Blixt Wallet right now is Hampus Sjöberg, who can be reached via email or on twitter @hampus_s.

You can also join our group chat on Telegram.

In media

Human Rights Foundation HRF Bitcoin Development Fund Grants $455,000 to 12 Projects Worldwide, including Blixt wallet developer Hampus Sjöberg.

Media interviews with Hampus Sjöberg, talking about Blixt and Lightning Network: